MarinHome 32 Tiny

The MarinHome 32 Tiny is the latest addition to the magnificent MarinHomes family. Like the other products in the range, every detail of this houseboat showcases Gielissen Shipyard’s craftsmanship. This compact second home is an attractive sight in the marina and makes a clear statement: less is more.

Tiny houses are immensely popular at the moment. Gielissen Shipyard has taken this concept, which is characterized by modest dimensions, modest energy consumption and an extremely well thought-out layout, and adapted it to life on the water. Although the MarinHome 32 Tiny is the most compact houseboat in the MarinHome family, it offers the same excellent finish, comfort and pleasurable quality of life as its larger siblings.

The MarinHome 32 Tiny has a semicovered foredeck. A sliding door gives you access to the living room with an open ‘kitchen’ that consists of a smart and compact galley with a cooking hob and refrigerator. The small foyer leads to the bedroom, which can be equipped with a spacious wardrobe as an option. You have access to the bathroom with a shower and toilet here, a technical compartment and the Tiny’s aft deck.
  • Standard equiped with:
  • 32 m² of comfortable living space (including the deck)
  • 2 persons.
  • One bedroom
  • Two rooms
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Delivered as a complete package
  • Two terraces
  • Aluminum pontoon
  • Aluminum railing
  • Floor and roof made from sandwich panels
  • Shore hook-ups for electricity, water and sewerage
  • Insulated walls
  • Terrace at the front and back
  • Aluminum door and window frames in exterior walls
  • Baseboards in every room, fully finished walls, infrared heating and a compact kitchen unit
  • With prints we can completely customize the MarinHome Tiny for you. Ask for the many opportunities


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