MarinHome 78 Comfort

Dream boat with three bedrooms

The MarinHome 78 Comfort offers an additional 24 square meters compared to the 54. This extra space is used for a mezzanine with an extra bedroom. This means that six water enthusiasts can sleep comfortably in the 78, without a sofa bed. The combination of interior spaciousness and compact exterior dimensions is unique.

The MarinHome 78 Comfort is almost 15 meters long. This houseboat is also wider than the other models. This extra space is used effectively on board. This well thought-out design features a mezzanine floor with a third bedroom. So this is the MarinHome that offers the greatest number of beds as standard. Great for you as the owner and ideal for rental.

Because the MarinHome 78 Comfort accommodates 6 people as standard, and 8 people with a sofa bed, this houseboat can be a very profitable investment when rented out. Floating holiday homes are extremely popular and the good insulation and effective heating systems of the MarinHome houseboat range allow you to extend the season to include winter rentals.
  • Standard equiped with:
  • 78 m² of comfortable living space (including the deck)
  • 6 - 8 persons. Sleeps 8 with a sofa bed
  • Three bedrooms
  • Four rooms
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Delivered as a complete package
  • Terrace and roof terrace
  • Lots of extra space
  • Extra wide and long
  • Affordable
  • Terrace and roof terrace
  • Extra spacious
  • Easy to rent
  • High-quality finish


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MarinHome 78 Comfort - Houseboat
MarinHome 78 Comfort - woonboot met drie slaapkamers,
terras én dakterras
MarinHome 78 Comfort - Wasserwohnung mit drei Schlafzimmer,
Terrasse und Dachterrasse
MarinHome 78 Comfort - 78m.² wooncomfort
MarinHome 78 Comfort - Riante layout met drie slaapkamers,
terras én dakterras