MarinHome as an investment

The turnover in many marinas is under pressure. While berth capacities have increased in recent years, due to expansion and new construction, the number of boat owners has been decreasing. This is increasingly leading to competition on price and therefore decreasing margins. The improving economy is causing consumers to again start purchasing (second-hand) boats. However the current, and most important, target group is ageing and it is therefore also important to tap into new target groups. Waiting lists are slowly disappearing and occupancy levels at many harbours have dropped to below the 90% level.

The MarinHome is the answer. After all, the MarinHomes are not only marvellous floating holiday homes, they can also be an investment which generates an excellent return. Internationally there is a lot of demand for exceptional holiday homes and, for as long as anyone can remember, homes at the water's edge as well. Each MarinHome embodies both elements. Organisations that let boats professionally, such as NovaSol, therefore believe strongly in the letting possibilities of the MarinHome because above-average returns can be achieved. For an investor this is already possible, and for a marina even more so, because they can include the returns from berths in their calculation.

The MarinHome will enable you to retain your current berth tenants who are considering selling their yacht or boat. In this way you can offer them an extremely attractive alternative and give yourself the chance of a long-term yield (letting of berths for 5, 10 or even 15 years). This applies all the more so because the berths usually do not need to be modified. After all, the MarinHome 54 fits into any berth. Marinas can even let out berths themselves. For example, the popular site offers companies the option of renting a floating home, with the average rent per night for a (house)boat in the Netherlands being €155. And then we must not forget that the MarinHome is anything but ‘average’. Of course rental via, and a popular site such as BelVilla is also possible. Anyone who visits the latter site will, for example, see that only 6 homes are offered which are actually on the water. This emphasises how unique it is to rent a MarinHome.

You can, of course, get help with renting from rental specialists and tour operators. No matter what approach you choose, the MarinHome is, in every respect, a valuable addition to any marina. You will soon find out that tenants in a marina are, in practice, the consumers that generate the highest turnover from using your facilities.
On the basis of the rentals in the various seasons, letting organisation NovaSol has created a revenue calculation for a four person MarinHome 54 Comfort, whereby the NovaSol commission has already been set off. This shows that an annual revenue of € 18,000 is certainly possible. If you would like us to help you assess the revenue calculation to see how a professional letting organisation deals with rents and seasons, please contact our sales consultant. He or she can also tell you how you can combine rent and own use to create a good mix of earnings and personal recreation.

A proper calculation of the return on a MarinHome for you as investor or operator has to be tailor-made because all the different factors have to be taken into account. Our sales consultant would be only too pleased to draw up these calculations together with you. We can also show you what a calculation likes this looks like and which depreciation periods could apply. We also have plenty of experience at marinas and they can share ideas with you regarding how to incorporate the rental or sale of MarinHome into your concept.

The return on the investment is backed up by the many activities which Gielissen Shipyard is developing in relation to these unique floating homes. Gielissen Shipyard has been promoting the MarinHome via a Google campaign, media attention, advertisements and its own website.

Marinas at which the MarinHomes are moored become part of the Gielissen Shipyard harbours. We can provide the tools to make the MarinHome a hit in any harbour. An attractive learning model is available for these harbours comprising:
  • Long-term berth rental
  • Publicity for the marina, also via internationally operating partners
  • Possibilities for organising rental yourself (attractive commission)
  • Possibilities for taking responsibility for operations
  • Additional turnover for the existing harbour facilities


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MarinHome as an investment


A spokesperson from NovaSol put the christening of the first MarinHome at Leukermeer lake into words as follows: "Internationally there is a lot of demand for exceptional holiday homes and, for as long as anyone can remember, homes at the water's edge as well. A MarinHome embodies both elements. The floating homes here on the banks of Leukermeer lake are therefore a nice addition to the existing range. As a result we expect, together with Leukermeer Holiday Park, to be able to achieve excellent rental results thanks to our growing international target group.