A water villa in the Mercator dock in Ostend as a holiday home.

Ostend, 24 June 2019
A first for the coast and for Ostend: in the first ‘Watervilla’ in the Mercator dock, a vacation in Ostend will be truly maritime and original. Because from 1 July it will be possible to book your vacation on the water in the Mercator dock. Whoever wants to, will, for the duration of their vacation, be neighbors with the training ship the Mercator.

The houseboat or water villa (a MarinHome 54 from Gielissen shipyard in Helmond in the Netherlands) will be delivered in the early morning on Wednesday 26 June. Around 6:00 hours this will be lowered into the water by a crane and towed to the mooring. The boat has 2 bedrooms and every comfort of a high-quality holiday home.
Once again Ostend demonstrates that as a town at the seaside it leads as a tourist destination. The value of the experience is a key concept for an enjoyable vacation. And with a stay in this water villa you are a step ahead. Visit www.dermul.be/specialsatC to check for availability, prices and to book.

Agence Dermul has been active in real estate and the rental of holiday homes for 64 years. With 3 offices in Ostend and 30 employees Agence Dermul is not just a renowned name but also an innovator in the industry.

Launch of the MarinHome 32 Tiny at the Belgian Boat Show

Gielissen Shipyard will present its brand-new MarinHome 32 Tiny houseboat for the first time at the Belgian Boat Show. This innovative design responds to the trend for 'tiny houses' and strong demand for high-quality floating homes. The new houseboat follows on from the extremely successful MarinHome 54 and 84 Comfort, more than seventy of which have been sold since the initial introduction just a few years ago. The new MarinHome 32 Tiny's compact dimensions and high equipment level reflect the Dutch shipyard's intention of appealing to an even wider group of enthusiasts by introducing this model. Gielissen profiles itself explicitly as a houseboat specialist with the MarinHome 32.

Unique moorings in Belgium,

Marinas have responded enthusiastically to the MarinHome. As a result, Gielissen Shipyard has set up an exclusive collaboration with the Mercator Marina in Ostend and the Westhoek Marina in Nieuwpoort. The first is a lively harbour in the middle of the bustling city centre of Ostend, the second a comfortable, quiet harbour in a rustic setting. Both harbours offer attractive berths for mooring MarinHome houseboats. These berths are made-to-measure and have shore hook-ups for electricity, water and sewerage.

MarinHomes are unique houseboats

The MarinHome 32 Tiny is the latest addition to the now quite sizeable family of MarinHomes. Each and every model in this family is a newly developed, exclusive houseboat that combines compact exterior dimensions with a surprising amount of interior space. The MarinHomes accommodate four to six occupants. The extremely stable houseboat can be supplied with or without a power train. Because the MarinHome is manufactured as a fully-fledged boat, it complies with the European Union's Recreational Craft Directive and buyers do not have to apply for an individual post-construction assessment. The unique collaboration that already exists between Gielissen Shipyard and many Dutch marinas, and the new agreements with Mercator Marina in Ostend and Westhoek Marina in Nieuwpoort, simplify the task of finding a berth.

A complete holiday home

The MarinHome is the ideal floating holiday home. It offers comfort and ease of use, with a living room that incorporates a fully equipped open kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet. In addition, the houseboat is equipped with a master bedroom and often also includes a second or third bedroom. Incidental extra guests can sleep on an optional sofa bed in the living room. The MarinHomes can be used 365 days a year because each room is equipped with infrared heating. All MarinHomes have living rooms with large glazed windows and a comfortable deck area in the bow. Furthermore, a sun terrace can be created on the roof of the MarinHome. This area is spacious enough for an enjoyable barbecue.

High return on investment

The MarinHomes that have been supplied so far have not only proved to be a perfect investment for holidaymakers who like to relax on the water, but also for investors and marinas seeking a good return. The new MarinHome 32 Tiny will be no exception. After all, MarinHomes are ideal for the rental market. An occupancy of up to 220 nights (good insulation means that the houseboat can be rented 365 days a year) has proved to be realistic in practice, so a return of between 3% and 7% is definitely feasible. Note that these figures are not forecasts; they are based on practical experience.

High-quality finish

The MarinHomes are a high-quality Dutch product. The excellent standard of finish offers years of maintenance-free use. MarinHomes are designed to withstand the wet conditions and wind loads that can be expected in the Low Countries and are CE marked in design category C or D. Due to its compact exterior size, the houseboat can be transported by road. In most cases, a single berth in the marina is sufficient. The MarinHomes start at a price of €99,975 excluding VAT. The interest in this comfortable floating holiday home is enormous. At a production output of one houseboat every three weeks, Gielissen’s modern shipyard facility is currently just able to satisfy demand.