Rental possibilities

The MarinHome houseboat is a splendid holiday home for your own use: spacious, modern and comfortable. These qualities mean that a MarinHome is very easy to rent out too. Time for recreation is on the increase in the Netherlands. At the same time, we see that letting out holiday homes is becoming more difficult. In many cases the product is too uniform. MarinHome is a really good alternative. This unique floating holiday home has shown to be very easy to rent and, as such, it forms a great investment that can yield above-average income. Gielissen Shipyard asked a professional rental organization NovaSol (that rents out more than 40,000 holiday homes in Europe and really believes in the MarinHome) to make return-on-investment calculations.
Based on the occupation in various seasons the rental firm NovaSol has prepared a return-on-investment calculation for a four-person MarinHome, from which the NovaSol commission has been deducted. We see here that an annual yield of around € 18,000 is possible. If you would like to examine the return-on-investment calculations with us and see how a professional rental company tackles rental prices and seasons, please contact our sales adviser. They can also indicate how you can combine rental and own use to enjoy both profit and recreation.


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The MarinHome houseboat is, of course, a fantastic holiday home which you can use yourself. It is spacious, modern and comfortable and much more besides...


When the first MarinHome was launched in Leukermeer, a NovaSol spokesperson said, “Special holiday homes are much in demand and homes situated near open water have traditionally always been easy to rent out. A MarinHome combines both elements. This also makes the floating homes here on Leukermeer a splendid addition to the existing stock. We therefore also anticipate being able to achieve excellent results together with Leukermeer Holiday Park from renting out MarinHomes to our growing international target group.